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I have uploaded photo’s for Stage 5, Stage 6 & the 2008 Presentation

Posted 27 Oct 2008

Full Results

Congratulations to the inaugural Tour of Two Rivers Champions

Ashley Humbert (A Grade), Phil Twigg (B Grade), Josh Appolony (C Grade) and Russell Web (D Grade).

I have posted the full results for stage 6 and overall Tour results.

We had a hic-ups on the weekend with results. Fortunately a mistake was picked up and corrected in B Grade before Phil Twigg and Jason Condon left the presentation area. In case you didn’t hear Jason was initially given the win on a count back after both drew level on points. It was bought to my attention that Phil had two wins and Jason only had the one, so the decision was reversed and Phil was awarded the B Grade title. Hats of to Griffith CC riders in B Grade who put together a fantastic effort to securer the King of the Mountains and overall title for Phil. Phil had to reduce a 3 point deficit on stage 6 to win the Tour and it certainly came down to the wire.

Jason Condon (Thank you) has provided a racers prospective of the B Grade race.

Griffith CC Riders took control of the race to Marrar with Jason Minato, Frank Mastrobattista doing a fair bit of work, Pete Johnson (Wagga CC) went to the front from time to time doing his bit for the Wagga effort. After the Marrar turn off, Pete Johnson and Carl Henman (Wagga CC) set the pace and took the full brunt of the head wind which then developed into a cross wind as the road turned. Steve Marks (Wagga CC) then took the lead protecting Jason Condon whilst keeping him up near the front. The bunch compressed together half way up the KOM climb with strong attacks coming from Marcus Dwyer (AWCC). Mean while, the Griffith CC riders where doing a great job at getting Phil Twigg positioned well for a strong sprint. Their work was reward when Phil took out the KOM points and the KOM title.

The race then settled down until the left hand turn off the Marrar/Temora road. Marcus took the lead and put in several big attacks that made the bunch work hard to stay in touch in the cross wind. He succeeded in creating a 4 man breakaway with Pete Johnson, Wayne Collingwood (Tolland CC) and Steve Graham (Griffith CC). Phil Twigg closed the gap taking Jason Condon and the rest of the bunch across. The pace was incredible for the last 18km leg to Coolamon once the B Grade bunch turned to get the tailwind . Marcus was hurting the bunch and some attacks by team Griffith CC increased the pressure . Steve Marks had to work hard to close one large gap that was created by the pressure of Marcus, Pete Johnson and Steve Graham. Once we all got together again and got within 10km of the finish line Frank Mastrobattista did all the work on the front setting a solid pace. Towards the finish line the Griffith guys positioned themselves well to give a perfect lead out to Phil. Steve Mark’s gave it everything he had to bring Jason Condon up along the side the Griffith train. Jason Condon described the sprint for the line as a world of pain as he could do nothing but watch Phil powering away taking the race, title, the champagne and the girls.


It’s with regret that I acknowledge another error in relation to third place on GC in A Grade. However, in the process take nothing away from James Rendell, as he had a fantastic Tour. I would therefore, like to give Brendan Washington the recognition he deserves as the 3rd place getter in A Grade. Brendan always turns up to race and spent most of the Tour of Two Rivers going on the attack. If we had an award for the most aggressive rider I am sure that he would win it. Given Brendan’s display of gutsy riding, he is well deserving of 3rd place overall. Just for info sake, the error occurred when Brendan was recorded as finishing 8th when in fact he finished 7th.

Posted 27 Oct 2008


I have posted some basic results for stage 6 and overall Tour results , full results to follow shortly

Posted 24 Oct 2008

KOM-See rule update

Barry has told me that there is $25 up for the KOM sprint tomorrow.

Brodie Pearse has the title wrapped up in A Grade and there’s no doubt he will be after the cash.

However, things are far from over in the B Grade KOM competion. The currently KOM leader, Paul Flemming has not entered and left the door open for either Jason Condon or Phil Twigg to take the title. Paul is currently on 6 points whilst Jason is on 4 and Phil is on 3. Jason needs to take the 3 points for the outright win and 2 points will see him draw level with Paul Flemming. Jason will take the title on a count back, having ridden more stages. Whilst Phil only requires 2 points and Jason not to win the KOM sprint to take the title on a count back having taken out a KOM sprint previously. Paul still has a chance if neither Jason or Phil finish in the top 2. Marcus Dwyer, the only AWCC rider entered in B grade is going to be busy trying to defend Paul points and win some cash if he can knock off the sprint.

C Grade KOM is a done deal with Josh Appolony having a Clear Lead. David Smith also has taken out the title with an unbeatable lead in D Grade. Both Josh and David will be chasing the cash instead of points.

General Classification

Isaac Gilmore and Charlie Baldry are still in the hunt of the overall title if they can win the stage and Russell Web either finishes out of the top 10 or in the last couple of places.

As mentioned before, Josh Applony has the GC wrapped up in C Grade. However, the fight for 3rd is far from over. A great ride from Steve Taylor could see him elevated into 3rd place on the podium. I would say that Chris Mumme will be watching him like a hawk.

Only 3 points separate Jason Condon and Phil Twigg so things are going to be tense for Jason and 3rd place if far from securer with 4 riders still in the hunt.

Ashley Humbert can relax and watch the race unfold after obtaining an unbeatable lead. However, 2nd and 3rd place are far from finalised. Brenton Washington will no doubt go on the attack to gain maximum points, if he can get away and hope the rest of the AWCC crew can roll Simon in the sprint, should be fun.

Stage Details

Stage details have been update to include KOM details and a Map/Profile of the course

Posted 23 Oct 2008

Final Presentation

Presentations for the race and the Tour of Two Rivers will be @ the Royal Tavern Hotel straight after the race.

Posted 21 Oct 2008

Start List

The Start List has been up dated for stage 6, Grande Boucle Coolamon.

Posted 19 Oct 2008

Results Stage 5

Posted Here

GC Changes

Another attacking ride from Brendan Washington has him moving up into 3rd place on GC in A Grade. Brodie’s Pearse has dropped from 3rd to 5th after missing the stage. Ashley Humbert now has an unbeatable lead and can only miss taking the overall title if he fails to make the start line and Simon Haworth wins the stage. Brodie Pearse pretty well has the KOM title wrapped up.

Griffith turned up to race on Saturday and managed to reduce Jason Condon’s lead to 3 points, in B Grade. Shaun Stuart overcome a mechanical failure to move up into 3rd place, after his mate’s (Bunch) waited for him to put his chain back on, earlier in the stage. Steven Graham and Steve Marks have both moved up into a possible Podium finish if they can duplicate their ride in the Grande Boucle Coolamon. Paul Flemming despite not starting on Saturday retains the lead in the KOM.

New comer, Chris Mummie, in only his third race has managed to move up into a podium spot after stage 5 in C Grade. Previous 3rd place holder Mitch Harrison has dropped to 5th after not starting stage 5. Josh Appolony pretty well has the C Grade title wrapped up. He to, can only be beaten if he fails to start stage 6 and Matt Lees wins the stage. Josh Appolony also has an unbeatable lead in the C Grade KOM competition. Josh is going to clean up at the presentation on Sunday. Not only will he go home with some prizes but a promotion straight to B grade.

Russell Web has held his lead in D Grade. However, Isaac Gilmore has now moved up to 2nd on GC after a 3rd place finish on Saturday. Charlie Baldry is just managing to hold onto a podium spot and has a 5 point buffer over Mark Ward going into stage 6. David Smith has increased his lead in the KOM competition after taking out the sprint at Coota and now has an unbeatable lead in that competition.


To date, we have had 109 riders participate in the Scratch races series so far.

Riverina Forum

Don’t forget they we now have the forum where you can express ideas to make the event a better one for next year.

Posted 16 Oct 2008

Stage 5

I have been advised that Coota CC have a $20 KOM sprint prize for each Grade tomorrow.

Shake up

There has been a couple of changes on GC after last weeks race. Jason Condon has moved into the lead after his great TT effort and Paul Flemming has taken over the outright lead in the B Grade KOM competition. Shaun Stuart from Coota CC looks to be in striking distance of a podium finish and has the advantage of stage 5 being on his turf.

Russell Web has taken over the lead on GC in D grade after Charlie Baldry had a weekend he would probably rather forget. David Smith from Griffith CC still holds the KOM Lead. 3rd place is currently a tie with Isaac Gilmore and David Smith locked on 26 points each.

Josh Appolony appears to have the C Grade title and KOM title wrapped up with two stages to go. Matt Lees looks comfortable in 2nd place on GC and could challenge Josh if he finishes out of the points. 3rd place on GC looks far from decided with anyone of 5 riders capable of taking third after tomorrows stage.

Ashley Humbert has a comfortable 9 point buffer over Simon Haworth. KOM points leader Brodie Pearse has not entered for tomorrows stage as he has gone to the NSW Crit Champs in Sydney. Brodie’s 3rd place on GC will be under threat by James Rendell and Brendan Washington, both are looking to step on to the final podium in Coolamon.

Posted 16 Oct 2008

Stage 3/4 Photo’s

I have uploaded some photo’s from Stage 3/4

Another Hot Contest

Rhys Pollock’s has entered for Stage 5. Rhys has been racing in Europe with the Marco Polo Racing Team over the European season and has returned to Australia for the Winter. Rhys has come home with some form after winning the 162km Vainqueurs de Berlare.

Posted 15 Oct 2008

Start List

The Start List has been up dated for stage 5, Grand Prix Cootamundra.

Posted 13 Oct 2008

Stage 5

Stage 5 details are up for all to see.

Posted 12 Oct 2008

Results Stage 3 & 4

Posted Here

Posted 11 Oct 2008

Hot Contest

AWCC member Daniel McIntyre has entered for Sundays stages and must go into the days racing as the hot favourite in A Grade. Daniel should have some good form after finishing the Tour of Tasmania last week. Daniel was part of the Tarkine Forest Adventures Team. Daniel’s quest will be made that much easier with last years Riverina A Grade Champion, Paul Clancy, not entering to defend his title.

Ashley Humbert has taken over as GC leader in A Grade and should be under some real pressure with a strong contingent of AWCC Riders and Canberra CC riders lining up. David Stallon only trails by the one point and will have two chances on Sunday to over-haul Ashley to take the Tour lead into the last two stages.

Brodie Pearse will wear the KOM Leaders number again in A Grade. He has a health lead going into the weekend.

Phil Twigg will be watching his closest competition, Jason Condon like a Hawk. Phil has managed to get the better of Jason in the last two sprints. However, Phil will have to keep and eye on the stage winner of stage 2, Paul Flemming. Paul will wear the KOM leaders number after drawing level on points with Phil Twigg. Jamie Ruddy from AWCC is leading the category but has not entered for Sundays stage. Punters are backing Paul to take over the lead of the KOM category during Sundays cruelling stage.

Josh Appolony leads the C Grade Tour and the KOM Category. It will be interesting to see if Josh can control the race or will some of the first time racers be able to put him under pressure. Matthew Lees will certainly be able to test Josh’s legs on the hilly course. Matthew will be wearing the KOM leads number as he is running second in that competition.

Just about all the major players have lined up in D grade. Charlie Baldry will wear the number 1 saddle cloth again this Sunday and David Smith from Griffith CC will be wearing the KOM leaders number. It looks as if Charlie and David will be under some pressure from a good line up of U/17’s. Last Years D Grade Riverina Championship Road Race winner, Tony Aichinger and Time Trial winner, Petrina Quinn will both be lining up for the first time in the Tour.

Late Entries

Wagga CC are happy to except late entries on the day. Please, register early to avoid any stress. Registration starts at 10am.

Posted 9 Oct 2008


Please be aware when travelling to Wantabadgery from Wagga Wagga that a group of AUDAX cyclist will be travelling from Wagga Wagga towards Wantabadgery on the Oura Rd.

Posted 7 Oct 2008


Bonus Points are awarded for each stage you ride, 1 point for the first stage and 2 points for every consecutive stage you ride after that. Bonus points will be awarded for the Time Trial and Road Race being held this weekend. Therefore, you stand to gain 4 bonus points towards your total if you have already ridden stage 2.

Riverina Forum

You will find the forum a bit more user friendly. This is my first go at running a forum, it’s a bit of a learn as you go process. The registration process is pretty easy. So jump in and let us know what you think.

Posted 6 Oct 2008

Start List

The Start List has been up dated for stage 3/4, Riverina Championships.

Posted 28 Sep 2008

Stage 3 & 4 Details

Wagga CC have released some of the finer details for their stages. There have been some changes due to road works on Wantabadgery/Gundagai Rd intersection. A & B Grade road race is now 77 km and C & D Grade is now 47km. The Time Trial has been reduced to 10km for A & B Grade, due to the increased distance in the Road Race. So the Time Trial is now 10km for everyone. The TT will be held first to make it easier for riders to take the TT bars off after the TT rather than trying to put them on after the Road Race.

Wagga CC are hoping to have spares vehicle’s/Sad Wagon’s for each grade. If you would like to perform this function on the day then please ring Steven Marks on 0405228483.

The Riverina Champion for each Grade will be determined by the combination of results from the Time Trial and Road Race.

Posted 26 Sep 2008

Start List

The Start List has been up dated for stage 3/4, Riverina Championships.

Posted 24 Sep 2008

Stage 2 Photo’s

I have uploaded some photo’s from stage 2

Posted 23 Sep 2008

Stage 2

Bellbridge lived up to it’s expectation providing an excellent scratch race circuit. The wind provided an extra challenge and all I can remember is continually turning left into a head wind.

Ashley Humbert gave the A Grade bunch a small example of what he has been dishing out to the Italians for the last 3 years. Most of Ashley victories in Italy have been mountain top finishes, except for his more notable win in the Baby Giro in 2006. On that occasion, Ashley took a flyer with a kilometre to go and held them all off to win stage 8. Ashley’s effort in stage 2 of the TTR has moved him up into the overall lead. Unfortunately GC Leader Mick Washington buckled under the pressure of Talgarno Gap and finished out of the places. U/19 rider James Rendell had a fantastic ride attacking at the start of second ascent of Talgarno Gap to stay away for about 7km until he was joined by Ashley on the crest of the Gap, both then stayed away to the finish.

Young Brodie Pearse increased his lead in the King of the Mountains with a strong display of climbing on the first ascent of Talgarno Gap.

Paul Flemming from AWCC used his home track knowledge and put the hammer down early in B Grade. The field made the mistake of not committing to the chase and he was never seen again. The battle for the GC raged behind between Phil Twigg and Jason Condon, with Phil just getting the better of Jason in finish to increase his overall lead in the Tour by two points.

Jamie Ruddy still holds the lead in the KOM in B Grade despite not riding stage 2.

Matthew Lees (U/17) took advantage of the home town course and rode away from the rest of the C Grade field take a well deserved solo win and at the same time moved himself up to second overall on GC. Tour Leader Josh Appolony (U/17) kept his head and won the sprint to take the next biggest points on offer and keep the Tour lead.

Josh Appolony took out the KOM sprint to increase his lead in the C Grade KOM.

Another U/17 rider, Isaac Gilmore took out D Grade in a fine up hill sprint to the line. Isaac managed to out sprint stage 1 winner, Charlie Baldry. Charlie’s second place has increased his lead on GC to 3 points over Russell Web from Griffith CC. Isaac’s win has elevated him into third place on GC.

David Smith from Griffith CC still holds the lead in the KOM in D Grade despite not riding stage 2.

Full Results and General Classification

Stages 3 & 4 will be held on Sunday the 12 Oct 2008. I will hopefully have some details about the Wagga CC stages shortly.

If anyone would like to do a bit of a race report for their Grade Please let me know, email.

Posted 16 Sep 2008


I have uploaded some photo’s from stage 1

Start List

The Start List has been up dated for stage 2, Giro Delle Bellbridge.

Posted 14 Sep 2008

Stage 1, 4 Grades and 4 Winners

There might not be any hills out at Griffith but they have the wind. This addition of the Bertoldo Spring Classic saw a strong wind blowing from the north west and it provided a real challenge to get out to the turn. The wind may have provided an advantage to the sprinters, as most were reluctant to attack into the wind so far from home and once the race turned it was hard to ride away from the peleton with a tail wind. However, it was a 2 man sprint in B Grade after Jason Condon and Phil Twigg broke clear of Jamie Ruddy, who had made the initial break and dropped away after suffering the effects of fatigue. Jamie made it safely in for third after the trio opened up a handy gap to the chasing bunch. Michael Washington took out A Grade in a bunch sprint despite some persistent attacking from Simon Haworth. Both C and D grade finished in bunch sprints. All clubs were well represented, with Lavington CC winning A grade, Griffith CC winning B grade, Wagga CC winning C grade and Cootamundra winning D grade.

Brodie Pearse of Wagga CC dominated the A Grade KOM sprints. So did Josh Appolony (Wagga CC) in C grade and David Smith (Griffith CC) in D grade. The KOM points were more spread around in B grade but Jamie Ruddy managed a 1st and 3rd to take an early lead in the B grade KOM title.

Top 10 results and General Classification

Stage 2 is this weekend coming, so please get your entries in early.

Team Classification

The Teams classification has been abandoned due to the lack of interest. It appears after stage 1 that most riders are racing as a club team and assisting club mates to win, great stuff.

Posted 12 Sep 2008

Ready, Set and Go.

D grade currently has the biggest field with 13 starters. Billy Higgerson of Wagga and Charles Baldry of Coota have their work cut out, taking on 11 riders from Griffith. Griffith rider, Wendy Aitken appears to have some form at the moment winning last weeks club race and leading Griffith CC’s Point Score. She may be the rider to watch.

C grade should be a fantastic battle between Wagga, Griffith and Coota clubs, all having reasonably equal numbers. Scott Adams should be the man to watch after his solo effort leading to a victory on the Sunday’s recovery race in Coota two weeks ago.

I would imagine that Wagga and Griffith riders would be fairly keen to off load the fast finishing Dave Mann before the finish line on Saturday. Griffith CC have the slight advantage in numbers over the rest in B grade but can they match the experience of Dave.

A Grade should be a very interesting battle with no one club having a real advantage over the other. The man to fear would have to be Ashley Humbert. He can sprint, he can climb and he has the power to ride you off his wheel.

There is a KOM sprint on the way out and the way back. A great opportunity to take an early lead in the KOM competition.

Posted 9 Sep 2008

Past Stage Winners

Just for interest sake, I have gone back over the records I have and put together a list of riders who have won races since 2002. I have only a little bit of info for 2004 and nothing for 2005. Check it out you might find some of the info interesting.

Posted 6 Sep 2008

Start List/Grades

Stage one Start list has been up-dated and there has been some updates and changes to Grades, please re-check your grade.

Posted 2 Sep 2008

Back up Plan

If during any of the stages numbers are not sufficient enough to run graded Scratch races, the race will convert to a handicap. It’s pretty simple, If we have a handicap, just the turn up points will count to the riders total on the day. No points will be awarded to the top 10 in the handicap. The Tour winner will be determined by points gathered during scratch races. So, if we end up having 3 scratch race, the winner will be determined from those 3 races. Same for the KOM.

Stage 2

Albury/Wodonga CC stage details have been updated.

Posted 28 Aug 2008


I have update B and D grade with some more riders and started adding riders to the start lists for each stage.

Posted 20 Aug 2008

Stage 1

Griffith CC have released the finer details of their race, Bertoldo Bakery Spring Classic.

Posted 16 Aug 2008

Inter-club Forum

A Forum/Bulletin Board has been created for the Riverina Inter-club family. It’s a great tool for us all to share our thoughts, questions and opinions, so don’t be shy. Follow the link, register as a user and you are right to go.

Posted 9 Aug 2008


The grades have been posted, if you have any issues with your grade then please use the email link to query your grade etc. Grades are Here.

Posted 6 Aug 2008

Race Numbers

The individual numbers for category leaders during the Tour De Riverina was a nice touch. We are looking for a sponsor that would like to supply the race leader, king of the mountains and leading team numbers for each grade for the Tour of Two Rivers. if you are interested in supplying the race numbers and have your business advertised on the numbers then please contact me (Simon) via email and or ring 02 69 373 437 during working hours.

Posted 5 Aug 2008

Stage Details

There has been some updates to the stages and at this point an Individual Time Trial has been included in the Tour, we now have 6 stages.

Posted 28 Jul 2008


Information is still being gathered with regards to stages details and the way the event is going to operate. Please be patient, start getting your team organised and check back closer to the date of the first stage in Griffith.

If you have any comments and or ideas about the Tour please feed them back via your committee ASAP.